Saturday, February 13, 2010


We woke up to a beautiful three-inch snowfall this morning.  This storm was much different than the one we had a couple of weeks ago.  That snow didn't stick to the trees and was mixed with ice so it wasn't a pretty snow.  This snow storm is just beautiful.  To look outside is like looking at a winter wonderland.  Clean, soft, beautiful.  I've had a great time this morning take pictures of the birds at the feeders in my back yard.  Of course, I'm doing that from the window since I'm still sick.  A whole week of being sick.  That's enough.
I love holly bushes, especially in the winter covered with snow.  What a beautiful picture this is.  I did slip outside to take this one but didn't have to leave my porch.
I had a hard time catching this cardinal at the feeder.  It was like he knew I was trying to get his picture and he would fly away every time I got ready to snap.  But I finally persevered!
A feeding frenzy. 
Hope everyone enjoys playing in the snow today.  I'll just enjoy it from my windows.  I'm going to do a little stitching this morning and watch the birds.  What a wonderful day!

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