Thursday, July 29, 2010

OK, here we go.  This is my last Oregon post.  We had the Gingerbread and Holly Workshop on Friday and Saturday while I was there.  Debbie and I had a blast doing two days crammed full of classes.  I'm afraid we might have overwhelmed the ladies with projects!!  I sure hope they loved everything and I think we have a few new wool converts.  It's always fun to see someone get "hooked on wool".  I absolutely loved meeting all the Oregon ladies and had the best time with them.  Each and every one was unique and different and brought lots of fun to the classes.  They asked me to move there but I think I have to stay in the sunny south.  Maybe they can take a road trip here someday.................
Everyone got busy tracing all the pieces for the gingerbread man mat.......sorry there was so much to do there gals!!
All of the groups ended up with nicknames at some point during the classes.  This group was called "the Rebels" because they were trying to go another direction from what their teacher was teaching.  You go girls!!
This group became know as the "Over Achievers"!!  They somehow stayed a step ahead of everyone. 
The room was decorated for Christmas to get us in the mood!
Deborah wants to know what's going on over there......
Terri and Charlotte came to the classes together and did great on their projects.  They were part of the "Teacher's Pets" group.  Wonder how they got that name?
Peggy was a new convert to wool and Gayle came all the way from the coast for the classes.  I think they became fast friends.
Shelly has her gingerbread mat all pinned down and ready to stitch.
Shelly and Lynda laying out their Holly girl.
Carole and Joan getting ready to try their hand at needle felting.
Lunchtime!!!  Jan had lunch catered for us each day.  That was so sweet and we were all hungry by the time it got to the classroom.   I had to threaten everyone one day that once they got all their pieces pinned down we could stop for lunch.  That speeded things up a bit!!  Mean teacher!!!
Look how beautiful these lemon tarts are.  I couldn't resist a picture of them.
Back to work at the needle felting.  Gayle is just getting started with her piece.
I think Shelly is telling me I'm not taking her picture.  Guess what, I did!!  SMILE!!
OK, this is a flag project that Debbie did with her Wooly Wednesday gals this summer.  I think it's adorable and hope we can do this sometime next year.  I love it!
Took this picture from the airplane on the way home.  Thought the crop circles were so interesting.  A possible future pattern??
The clouds were unbelievable on the way home.  There were huge, billowy, crazy shapes, just really surreal to me.
Well, that's about it for my Oregon trip.  Lots of other pictures but at least you got to see some of the highlights.  Hope you enjoyed the trip as much as we did.  Thanks to Jeff and Debbie for having us and to Jan and Brian for making the workshop great fun. 


  1. Fun, fun, fun. Those lemon tarts look delicious!! Love Debbie's flags!

  2. Hey your photos from the airplane.....glad you got home safe.....we are sure having nice weather here!!!! SO fun to have you out here!!! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your Oregon "adventures" with us! I've never been there so it's almost like a mini-trip for me. Also, I love the flags - that would be a great class!

  4. Glad you are back home! It was fun going on a virtual trip with you to Oregon. See you soon!