Monday, July 19, 2010


OK, all my pitiful friends back in North Carolina that are suffering in the miserable heat, look at me, middle of July standing on snow.  We are at the lovely Mt. Hood and believe it or not, there is still snow here.  There are skiers and snowboarders swishing down the huge mountain, again in the middle of July!!  Mark was packing long pants and long sleeved shirts and sneakers and I told him no way was I taking anything that warm in the middle of July.  So here I am in my flip flops in the snow.  Debbie loaned me a jacket but my feet were too big for her shoes!  We did check the weather back  home and it was a cool 91 today with 99 later in the week.  Sorry guys, but I'm loving this and may not be back!!!!
Debbie and Jeff posing in the snow.  They are so cute!
Debbie put her camera on a huge rock, set the timer and ran like crazy up the snowy hill to be in the picture.  I think we are nuts!  But fun nuts!
OK, take the picture, I'm a little chilly!
Debbie and I have nicknamed the guys Lewis and Clark because they are always pointing at something.  This time they look a little confused!
We have so many great pictures with beautiful scenery all around us. 
Someone left their lunch in the parking lot and this crow ended up flying away with that sandwich in his beak.  He was so funny.  The closer I got, the further away he moved, making sure I wasn't taking his food.
Majestic Mt. Hood
We visited a famous mansion in Portland and decided we needed to stand in the flower beds for a picture.
This is a famous book store in downtown Portland.  We were driving through Portland after dinner and I just had to go in.  What a wonderful place.  The place was a city block big.  It went on and on, room after room.  Any book you could ever want was there.  I was in book heaven.  Why couldn't we have something this great in NC??
Oh, how many books can I ship home?
Mark has always wanted a carved bear on our porch.  On the way to Mt. Hood we stopped at a place that had bunches of carved bears and other animals.  If Mark could have gotten one of these home, he would have.  He mentioned buying a car out here and driving the bear home.  I mentioned that if we had driven like I wanted to he could have gotten his bear!
Ooops, should have put this pictue on earlier.  This is me when I was first trying to get on the big rock and my leg went about two feet down into a hole.  The snow was melting from underneath and I just happend to stand on a spot that gave way.  Did I mention I have on flip flops??!!
Mark with a new friend
Mark, Jeff and the bear Mark really wanted!
I personally love the moose!
Debbie is so cute sitting on the big rock all by herself!!  You should have seen her trying to get off!
Again, we're sitting in the middle of snow in July!
We had brunch at the lodge after our playtime in the snow.  Look at the wonderful waffle and tarts Debbie has on her plate.  It was the most delicious meal.  We ate until we couldn't eat anymore.
We had to put these desserts in a to-go box.
On the way down the mountain, there were lots of waterfalls on the side of the road.  They were so beautiful.  All from the melting snow of Mt. Hood.
Further down the mountain we stopped at this place where the boys could have a little fun.  They took a ski lift to the top of the mountain and rode these boards down a long, long, curving chue.  Here comes Markie!
There goes Jeff!
One last look at Mt. Hood.  What a gorgeous sight!
We finally got to see the girls in person.  What cuties they are.  So sweet.  They went out to dinner with all the grown-ups and were so well-behaved.
Look at those beautiful blue eyes
I see the family resemblance!
Addison is the oldest granddaughter........a little wink at Mark.
This sign was at the bear shop.  I love it and may have to get one made when I get back home for my porch. 

So that's about it for now.  We've crammed as much as we can into the day and a half that we've been here.  Debbie and I are going to do a little antiquing today and then we'll be busy getting ready for our upcoming classes.  Lots to do to make those happen.  The boys are going to go to Seattle to see a baseball game on Wednesday while we're teaching.  And I'm sure they will get in a round of golf at some point. 

Miss you all and don't look forward to leaving this wonderful weather.  You can actually breathe the air here and go outside and not sweat the instant you step out the door.  We are sleeping with the windows open and having to add extra blankets at night.  Oh my, did I say we're loving this!


  1. I am so picked a good week to go there, the heat will be cranked up this week!
    Have fun!

  2. Looks like you are already having a blast!!! And by the way, your husband is a hunk!!!