Tuesday, July 27, 2010


We arrived home around 1am this morning.  I think I'm still on Oregon time.  I didn't go to bed until 3am and slept until 10am.  Guess we'll get back to normal in a few days.  I surely meant to post more often while we were in Oregon but either I was busy working on class stuff or had trouble getting Debbie's computer to work.  Everytime I had a minute to do a post, the computer seemed to be down so I just took that as an omen that it wasn't meant to be.  So now I get to share some of our trip after the fact.  I won't try to bore you too much but we had such a fun time and loved every minute we had there.
This is a fun cabinet in Debbie's hallway.  Lots of fun stuff on there to look at!
This is a really cool antique mall called Monticello.  I think we went here on Monday.  Just took an overview shot of part of the shop.  We spent an hour on just the first aisle.  Lots of temptations!
Loved this booth.  Everywhere you turned was something fun.
Another fun booth.  The pictures don't do any of this justice.
Couldn't figure out a way to get this cool "gazebo" home.  Debbie and I both fell in love with it.  I did take quite a few pictures in case it can be reproduced some day...........
Another pretty famous Portland antique mall.  Didn't take pictures inside so this is all you get!
Debbie nicknamed Mark and Jeff "Lewis and Clark".  Jeff was always pointing the way and his sidekick exploring right along.  They have a park close called the same name so we had the guys pose for a picture under their names. 
Finally, some of my boxes are showing up.  I shipped quite a few boxes of supplies for the classes and couldn't put together my kits until those boxes showed up. 
Speaking of kits, here are the Holly girl kits.  Spent one whole day putting together everything for the classes.  They loved the packaging!
She's a grand old flag......looks like a postcard!
The triplets stopped by for lunch.  They are so adorable, all lined up like little birdies waiting to be fed.  It was quite a sight to watch.
Debbie has two groups of women that meet on Wednesday for a class called Wooly Wednesday.  This time I got to teach the class.  We did the little snowman head ornaments.  A nice group of ladies. 
We had a few hours to kill before the evening class so I ran down to the quilt shop.  It is so beautiful with everything you could ever want.  I snapped a few pictures but this only covers a small portion of the shop.
Debbie designed the covered wagon for their Sew Oregon shop hop they had recently.  I told her she needed to turn that into a pattern.  It was so sweet.
I drooled over this display!!!!
Time for the Wooly Wednesday night class.  This was a much smaller group which allowed me to visit a little more with the ladies.  Super nice gals. 
Deborah's snowman head sprung a leak!!!  Uh-oh!

OK, that takes us up through Wednesday.  I'll share more tomorrow.  Don't want to take too much of your time.  And I sure hope my gals here in North Carolina got caught up on all their projects while I was gone.  We need to have show and tell!!!  And to my new Oregon friends, keep stitching.  You never know when I might pop back out there for show and tell!!  I loved meeting all of you and thoroughly enjoyed my time with you.  Even if you did make fun of my accent!!!!


  1. Looks like you had a blast!! I love the covered wagon - very cute!! Welcome Home!

  2. Looks like you had a great time!