Thursday, July 1, 2010

I've had busy day or so getting ready for upcoming classes.  Worked on this class yesterday, cutting up wools and the patriotic colors!
And in the middle of it all, discovered I was out of a couple colors of wool.  Decided it was time to get the dye pots out, which I haven't done in ages.  I've been bugging Lisa for wool from her stashes, but it was just time to do a little plumping (is that a word?) up of my wools.  After the first wool crazy class, I realized I needed a few lighter colors for those gals wanting to do spring and summer blocks.  Mark came in and wanted to know what was for dinner.  Poor fella!
Wool dying is a messy job and I basically shut down the kitchen to anything but dying.  Don't want those chemicals getting into anything else.
And the result is beautiful colors of wool.  Lots of hours of work but love the end result.  I actually ran out of wool and had to stop. 

And today was a momentous day for the girls.....they each got their own library card.  So of course being the good Mina that I am, I took pictures of them checking out their first books on their own cards.  They were so excited.  Then we went to Chick-Fil-A to celebrate the big day.  They carried their books into the restaurant with them, guess they were going to read while they ate!
Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.............


  1. Your wools are gorgeous...what kind of dye are you using??? Thanks...

  2. My kids were so excited when they got their library cards - good for the girls!!!