Wednesday, July 28, 2010

On Thursday before Debbie and I were to start our workshop, we decided to go to Washington to a town called Kamas to another antique mall.  The guys were with us and we had a great time.  After antiquing we were headed to another destination (ice cream shop!) when we passed this old school.  We had Jeff turn around so we could see what it was.  It was an old school, I believe, from the early 1900's but was now owned by a man who manufactured steel bells.  We were able to get a peek inside where he showed us the tools of his trade and shared some stories about the building.  I wanted a bell so badly, but can you imagine the shipping on that!!
I could just see this bell in my yard!
Ran across this guy inside the school building.  Now where would we ever see something like this on the east coast??
And this fella was hanging right over the bear.  Quite a sight!!  I'll just stick with the old bell myself.
Beautiful view of one of the rivers.  They have so many I can't remember which is which.
Finally we reach our destination.....Eastside Ice Cream boasting the largest ice cream cone around.  Jeff was up for the challenge...........
and a mighty fine job he did finishing that whole ice cream cone!!!!!  Mind you, this was after we had just had lunch there.  He's a real man to take on that kind of challenge!
This waterfall isn't far from Jeff and Debbie's house.  It was quite a bit slower than when we were there last because so much of the snow has already melted.
Mark and Jeff hiked to the top of the falls and Mark took this picture to prove it.  They went pretty much straight up the mountain side.  It was a pretty strenuous walk, but they did it.

Tomorrow I'll try and post pictures of the classes.  Don't want to overload you with too much at one time!!  Thanks for sharing our trip......or at least a small part of it.......I think I took over 400 pictures!!!


  1. looks like a fun time! WElcome back!

  2. Looks like you had a blast. It is beautiful there and I am sure it is hard to come home without more time. The wool class looked like a success.