Sunday, July 18, 2010

Planes, trains and automobiles, that's what we feel like we've been through trying to get to Oregon!  Before we even got to the airport we had to run to the Post Office to mail things ahead because our luggage was going to be overweight.  After poor Mark weighed and re-weighed and I packed and re-packed, I just started throwing things out of the suitcases and said I would just mail the stuff.  Very frustrating but I needed everything in those bags, mostly for the classes I was going to be teaching.  So off to the Post Office to mail boxes that we hadn't planned on mailing, after Mark had already made one trip that morning to mail other things.  So I told Mark at that point I wasn't flying again, that I would be driving, which is what I wanted to do in the first place.  In other words, I had an ATTITUDE!!

We arrived at the airport only to find out our flight was delayed by 30 minutes.  Normally that wouldn't be a big deal except we only had an hour to make our connecting flight in Minneapolis and now that time was cut in half.  Once we got boarded we were informed we couldn't take off because they couldn't get fuel from the fuel farm.  We had never heard of such a thing.  The whole airport was on hold, not just us.  About forty minutes later we were fueled up and ready to take off.  We were assured by the flight attendants that we would be greeted by people ready and willing to help us to our destinations.  Well, that part wasn't so true we discovered.  We ran as quick as we could (me in slippery flip-flops) to the next gate which was about 6 miles away, only to be told we couldn't board the plane that ended up sitting there for at least another 25 minutes, as we sadly looked on.  We were so disappointed not to get on that flight and a teeny bit irritated that we broke our necks to get there at the advice of a Delta representative. I saw lots of fun shops we could have visited as I went sliding/running by.  After much ado, we were given vouchers to stay at a hotel for the night along with meal vouchers.  That was nice until we remembered our luggage.  We were told to go to the baggage claim and it would be there waiting on us.  Well, of course it wasn't!!  So after talking to the nice lady that gets fussed at all day, we were told finding our luggage would be like finding a needle in a haystack because their conveyor belts were down and it would be best if we just let them go on ahead to Portland.  We finally accepted that as our only alternative and took the blue pouches the nice lady offered us with a t-shirt for sleeping and overnight toiletries.  I was beginning to be OK with this until I realized I had no clean underwear nor any of my cosmetics!!!!!  Oh horrors!  That would be me looking like a horror the next morning!  We had befriended a very nice couple from Cary who were in the same boat we were in except they were trying to to even further, Anchorage, Alaska.  We decided once we got to the hotel we would go to the Mall of America.  We learned from our shuttle driver that we were very close and of course we wanted to see that.  We, unfortunately, only had an hour to spend there before they closed.  But I thought that would be long enough for me to find some make-up essentials.  Well guess what, there are no drug stores at that huge gigantic mall.  Not one!  But we did get to peek around a little bit at the mall.  What a fun place to visit.  Just wish we had more time to spend there.  Maybe another planned trip would be good for that.

We finally got dinner around 10:30pm, compliments of Delta.  And the hotel room was very nice and spacious.  I did wash my underwear in the sink and hung them up to dry overnight.  I had to use the blow dryer on them the next morning to finish the drying process.  At least they were clean!  A girl just has to have clean underwear!!  And I had to use soap and water to remove my make-up and wash my face.  That wasn't so nice but at least it was clean.  I do believe this is the first time that I've gone in public without eye make-up!  A revolution!  NOT!!  I haven't mentioned Mark because he doesn't wear make-up but he had his own problems.  They gave him a teeny container of shaving cream and a very rugged razor which didn't do his face any favors the next morning.  Plus no aftershave which is sort of like me having no moisturizer I suppose.  So Markie suffered right along with me in this adventure.  Plus, remember, I had my ATTITUDE which he had to deal with also.

Our plane was super big and super crowded this morning but it looked like we were going to take off on time.  Good thing since they were predicting big storms and tornadoes for Minnesota.  Well, a young man and an older woman got into a scuffle in the aisle as everyone was boarding.  They were just pushing and shoving one another and fussing up a storm.  So guess what, we're delayed.  Security was called and they were escorted from the plane.  Doors shut, we're ready finally.  Nope, doors open again and here comes security and two more people were escorted from the plane.  We waited and waited and finally those two people got back on the plane but not the first two scufflers.  Guess they were going to airport jail or something.  Finally we took off.  I am flying somewhere over the Rockies as I write these thoughts, gazing down at the beautiful snowcapped mountains.  We're close now!

I promised Mark, before we even left the house, that this was the last time I was flying across the country.  I really don't like to fly because of all the inconveniences....the weight of the luggage drives me crazy, the crowds, noise, overbooked planes, tight crowded seats, delays, too much carry-on luggage, yadda yadda.  Little did I know how many checks I would end up with in my column this trip!  But on the positive side we did make some new friends in Phyllis and Dan (Phyllis thinks she wants to come take some classes) and we did get to see that big beautiful mall.  And we did get free Delta t-shirts!!  I decided not to keep the toothbrush they gave us because the bristles fell out in my mouth as I was brushing my teeth!  But all in all, it wasn't so bad and we survived, not looking to great, but it could have been worse.  So for that I'm thankful.

The Busby's are waiting for us at the airport, Captain says we're almost there, no more complaining, let the vacation begin!! 

Miss you all!


  1. Sharon...that's an awful lot of drama! My goodness! Well...we're glad you are out in the ole' West.

  2. Wow, what a travel story! I thought I had some doozies, but you've topped me. Glad you were able to find some silver lining and I hope everything goes smoothly on your trip back!!

  3. Oh what a bummer. That was the worse of your trip - the rest will be amazingly good!!!