Monday, August 2, 2010

We had a wonderful weather weekend here in the south, at least where we live.  We had some thunderstorms roll through one evening and Saturday turned out to be a glorious day, lower humidity and in the low 80's.  By Saturday evening it was in the 70's and breezy and beautiful.  We felt like we had died and gone back to Oregon!!  Sunday was also gorgeous and in the lower 80's.  We don't get those kind of days often in July and August, and especially appreciated it with the kind of temperatures we've been having all summer. 

Saturday the third group of wool crazy ladies gathered to start their wool crazy journey.  I think everyone had a good time once they got over the initial "oh my gosh, I don't know what I'm doing" phase.  Sooner or later the process sort of makes sense and then it becomes fun.  The ladies couldn't wait to get home and start stitching down al their pieces once the class was done.  I thought that was a promising sign of more fun to come.
Barbara looks like she has a definite plan.......FALL!
Ann was also working on doing a fall block, she had some great shapes cut out for her block.
Sue was my only Christmas girl.  She really struggled in the beginning with colors but really ended up with a beautiful block.  Sometimes it's just hard to get started.
Carolyn is also doing a fall block.  Her colors and shapes were all working well together.
Sue proudly displays her pinned down block.  Can't wait to see what she puts on there for her applique!
Dolly's block looks great!  Her colors work so well together.  I think we'll be seeing some pumpkins on this block!!!
Found this picture on the camera today.  Didn't realize my daughter-in-law had taken it when the girls came to see me after we returned from Oregon.  What a super sweet welcome home hug!!
Finished this block for the Down the Maiden's Path patterns.  This is my tribute block to Linda Brannock and includes the story with the pattern about how these blocks came to be.  I'll have it on the web site soon for purchase along with a couple of the other blocks that are completed.  I owe Linda much gratitude for allowing me to run free with these designs. 

About all for today.  Busy working on class preparation and writing pattern directions for a couple of the "wool girls".  Lisa is planning on releasing the September BECKY block the middle of August, so I suppose that was my hint to get the pattern done!!!

Happy summer days...........

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