Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's Christmas in August!

My boxes came late yesterday and I finally got everything unpacked from our trip to Oregon.  Of course I couldn't fit everything in our suitcases and had to ship a few things home!!  Along with some clothes, my husband's golf shoes and leftover class wool, I had a few treasures that had to get back to the East coast!  I bought quite a bit thinking about future classes and/or projects for things I wanted to make.  Here's some of my loot.
I ended up with lots of glassware.  Teacups, jars, bowls, cups, small pans, a sweet glass pitcher.......some of these things I had projects in mind and some were just to be useful to hold things.  I think I only lost two things in shipping so not too bad.
Found quite a few muffin tins in Oregon.  Either I'm stocked up to do another class or I'd better get busy making pincushions to sell!!!!
Isn't that the coolest jar full of old clothespins?  I just loved that they stuck the old collar and button on the jar.  I bought a few other bags of clothespins and think I had a brainstorm while I was there on how to use them.  Problem is now I can't remember my brainstorm!!
Of course I found some buttons and thread.  One of my button jars got broken in transit so I ended up with some buttons in a plastic bag.  Not as cute as the jar was I'm afraid.
And of course I found some tomato pincushions.  I just didn't realize, until I unpacked the boxes, that I had found five of them!  And Debbie found the sweet old Tomato seedpack in one of the shops which went perfectly with my tomatoes.
Some odds and ends, old and new books, turkey and witch cookie cutters, lots of old thimbles (another idea that I can't remember now!), old linens, flower frogs for another project, just some fun stuff.
And of course, a little fabric from Holly Hill!!  That place is such eye candy.  Good thing I don't use fabric much anymore!!!!  I bought some fat quarters and a little bit of yardage with no particular plan in mind.  It's just fun to look at!

Wasn't that a fun shopping adventure!  As I was unpacking the boxes it brought back all the fun memories of sharing those shopping trips with Debbie and the good times we had.  Thanks Debbie!!

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  1. Oh my goodness - can I come over and help you sort it all!!