Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This has been another one of those super busy weeks.  Classes, girls, mini-trip, kits, porch sale, lots of things in the works.  Somedays I just stand in my workroom in a dazed state of confusion trying to figure out what to do first.  And usually that is grab a piece of dark chocolate and take a deep breath!!  I remembered to take a few pictures of classes this week and forgot some.  Sorry.
Leslie and Kim stopped by to make Red Cross pincushions. 
Kim added a pin to her pincushion that belonged to her grandmother.  I love that it now has a special place to be displayed.
And we discovered, while Leslie was stuffing her pincushion, that there was a small hole in the army blanket wool.  So we covered that with a heart and now her pincushion is even sweeter!
This is Ms. Debbie Lou's block.  She has started the applique part which I think is the most fun.  She got quite a bit laid out on her block.  I especially love the hand in the corner which is a tracing of her own hand.  She's going to add the words "Made by my hand" on the hand.  Love that idea!!

Three heads are better than one!!!!
Pat decided to make her block narrower and longer to fit a specific space.  Love the colors.  She's going to do a winter block.
Love the boldness of Kim's block.  She's going to turn this into a Christmas block.  I know she's going to have a great time with all those wonderful background wools to play with.  Good job Kim!
Poor Teresa started out wanting to do a fall block but I think a couple of us were coercing her into doing a Halloween block.  It could go either way or a combination of the two but it sure does look great.

For those of you that know Evette or have been praying for her son, he's out of the hospital and home recovering.  The hospital decided since both parents were going to be available for caregiving, they would release him a little sooner which was fine with him.  He's doing well, on a liquid or "blended" diet for eight weeks, will have therapy to deal with and is still have some struggles with pain and discomfort.  So please keep Cameron and the family in your prayers as they go through this life-changing event together.

I have been working on quite a few things for the porch sale as well as the other gals that are going to be involved.  I hope everyone is getting as excited as we are.  I showed a few things to Evette Sunday that I had finished and she squealed.  I think that was a good sign!!  Mark October 23 on your calendars!!!

We're having wonderful rain today.  Lots of wonderful rain.  Downpours of wonderful rain.  Some areas are flooding with the wonderful rain.  But it's still wonderful!!! 

Happy days to everyone.....................

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  1. Hey Sharon,
    Looks like you have been busy!
    Love all the wool crazy blocks! Bummed I didn't get in on it.
    Thanks for posting all the great pics!
    Hoping to get in on one of Lisa's classes at your place this winter!