Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy weekend to everyone.  Mark and I took a trip to Ashboro, NC on Saturday, partly because I needed some supplies I knew I could get there and partly for fun.  We did my errands and also some antique shopping.  I found a few treasures but my most favorite thing was an embroidered quilt top which I will probably take apart and do other things with.  Lots of great embroidery designs.  On the way home we saw a sign for an orchard and decided to stop.  About a mile from the main road was this pretty big building with apple and peach orchards all around.  A beautiful setting.  The place was called Millstone Creek Orchards and looked like it would be a great place to visit in the fall.  We purchased some peaches but I couldn't resist taking a couple pictures of the apple orchards.

Real live on the tree apples!!!!  I think we get so used to seeing all the store bought produce, it's wonderful to see it in it's natural setting.
A picture postcard!!

My husband watches a show called Dives, Diners & Drive-Ins or some such name.  He loves the show and always talks about the burgers they are sampling.  Well, I found out about a drive-in in Siler City which was on the way to Ashboro and decided to surprise him with his own Drive-In burger experience.  This place was recently written up in "Our State" magazine and supposedly had super good hamburgers.  We passed it on the way to Ashboro but it was too early to stop for lunch.  So we did my errands and antiqued and headed back toward Siler City for a late lunch.  We pulled in the drive-way and they had it roped off.  So I backed up and went around back to park and just as we passed the front of the building we saw the big "CLOSED" sign in the window.  I couldn't believe it.  The whole reason for dragging my husband on this trip, because he sure doesn't love antique shops, was to feed him a wonderful burger.  I hopped out of the car and went to the front of the restaurant and they are only open from 10am-2pm.  We had missed it by forty minutes!!!  I was so disappointed and he was too.  So now we have to figure out where to eat lunch........
and we ended up at Sonic!!  Wow, what a let down.  Sorry Sonic but that wasn't what we planned on.  I told Mark he jinxed us because as we drove past the diner he said if it was too crowded we could always eat across the street at Sonic!!  JINX!  Sometimes the best laid plans just don't work out.  But now we'll have to make another trip back just to check the place out.
Time for another wool crazy class.  This is the first group to get to the applique part.  I hope they were having fun.  Everyone came in with pieces drawn off on freezer paper and with a sort of game plan in mind.  I think in the end we're going to have some very interesting blocks.
Pam is doing a woodsy, log cabin, fallish block.  It's looking super good.
Laura is doing fall.  Love her layout so far.
And Debby just cracks me up.  She has four blocks planned out in her head, all to do with their farm and land.  So this is the beginning of block 1, with several more to come.

The other gals got out before I remembered to snap pictures, so we'll have to see their progress next month.
Debby was on vacation in the mountains this week and brought back some beautiful peaches to share with the class.  They were absolutely picture perfect and delicious!

My friend Evette's son was in a very serious car accident yesterday evening.  His name is Cameron and he's in intensive care and could sure use all your prayers.  Please keep him, Evette and the family in your prayers that he'll recover from this accident and be whole again.

Wishing you all a wonderful, safe week.................


  1. Oh no, I hope Cameron is doing better. I will check with E.

  2. Oh Gosh, hate to hear about Evettes son, give her a hug for me and tell her they are in my prayers.