Sunday, July 31, 2011

Classes and Projects

Saturday a group of ladies got together to work on the Thanksgiving Disappearing Nine-Patch Quilt.  They traced and colored during the class and went home with lots of homework.  We will get back together in a few weeks with their stitched pieces to start putting together the quilt.  Happy stitching ladies!
This was Judy's first class with me (she takes the recipe card classes) as far as a sewing class.  She was a bit intimidated at first but got right to work tracing her designs.  I think she'll survive! 
Don't you love Sue's shirt?  Guess where she just visited?   
Dolly brought lots of treats to class plus a wonderful Strawberry Pretzel Cake dessert.  We didn't lack for something to eat today!!  Thanks Dolly! 
Debbie is the quilt instructor that has a studio in Henderson and teaches at my house.  She takes classes with me to get a break from her classes.  I love that!!!  And, of course, I take classes with her.  Works out for both of us. 
Kim is really concentrating on her piece of coloring.  She loved her first block once she got it colored and ironed.  The process is so much fun.  Let's us have a little childhood fun in a grown-up world. 
Here is a sneek peek at a few of the projects I'm working on for the upcoming fall class schedule.  This is a piece I've admired for many years but never took the time to stitch.  It's from an older Need'l Love book and was great fun to work on.  There's embroidery as well as wool applique. 
This project is from the new Need'l Love Pumpkin Patch Threads book.  I'm trying to do a couple (at least) projects from that book to help offset the cost of the book.  This piece isn't officially framed yet but I love the frame in the photo which came from Lisa at Lone Star.  Hopefully we'll be able to have those frames for your finished pieces too. 
Loved doing the towels and I don't think I've ever taught anything on towels before.  The pumpkin towel would make a great hostess gift and the turkey is done in wonderful hand-dyed flosses.  He was a punch needle piece in the book, but I did him as an embroidered piece.  Love turkeys! 
And who could resist another crazy quilt project?  This is a very fun project and very do-able!!  Not quite as overwhelming as the larger wool crazy pieces we did last year.   I've almost finished my stocking.........almost!

I'll be posting a couple more things I'm trying to finish up in the next couple of days.  And I will be trying to get the "official" class schedule done the first week of August. 

Happy stitching.  I'm doing my rain dance by the way!!!!!!

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  1. All your upcoming projects look great! How am I ever "gonna" keep up?