Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We just got back from a trip to Florida where we celebrated my husband and his mother's birthdays together.  He was born two days before her birthday.   We celebrated the girls' birthdays earlier in June and now will end the month with two more.

The birthday duo....... 
Make a wish!! 
We left Mom & Dad's house and headed for Ft. Myer later in the week to visit a quilt shop that is carrying some of my patterns.  Somehow I got excited in the shop looking at all the beautiful fabrics and forgot to take pictures.  So if you're in the Ft. Myer area, look up Quilt Lover's Hangout.  A super nice, friendly, well-stocked quilt shop.  Wish it were closer.  And after we left the quilt shop, we went to visit the winter home of Thomas Edison.  Look at all those light bulbs.  If you're near the Ft. Myers area, be sure to visit this place.  It was so interesting and there was so much history and things we weren't aware that Thomas Edison was involved in.  And beautiful homes and grounds to walk around. 
This was a guest room in the house.  Love the quilt on the bed which is the reason I took this picture, of course! 
And two more red and white quilts.....really love the red and white! 
There were these huge rubber trees all over the grounds.  Seems Thomas Edison and Henry Ford were good friends and once worked together.  They were trying to devise a better way to make tires for cars and were cultivating their own rubber trees for their experiments.  The trees were absolutely huge and all over the property along with many other types of trees that I'm sure were useful to them in some way.  I told my husband if our river birch tree had roots this cool, maybe we wouldn't have cut it down! 
As we were driving up the highway we could see this rain shower ahead of us.  Apparently Florida is in a rainy season now.  It can rain every single day.  Wish we had that here!!!!! 
And at the end of the shower appears this beautiful rainbow.  At one point there was a double rainbow but I don't think I got a good picture of that. 
And of course we had to get off at one of our favorite little towns on I-95, Walterboro, SC.  The town is full of quaint little shops and many antique shops.  A good break from the long highway driving.  I found a few treasures but it was so blamed hot, it wasn't much fun to walk around. 
And after we got home we visited this general store in Durham that Pam from the Rusty Bucket told me about.  We decided to take a drive Saturday afternoon and find this place.  One of those stores that's full of stuff and you sort of have to search through or you miss something.  We had a good time looking at all the things for sale as well as the many things that were on display. 
I told the owner I would just point the camera and shoot and see what we came up with.  There was just stuff everywhere and not one good place to isolate for a photo.  So go visit if you get a chance. 
These pictures are out of order, but this was an antique shop we stopped at somewhere in Florida I think.  Didn't buy anything in the shop but loved the sign out front.
We made it to the ocean one day while at Mom & Dad's.  I'm afraid I can't do the sun anymore so I had about reached my limit here.  But the ocean was beautiful.  And we were able to see the space shuttle launch pad which was the main reason for heading that direction.  We just couldn't get as close as my husband wanted to get.
And look what we found when we got home.  My bluebirds have hatched.  I can't wait to watch them grow and turn into sweet little bluebirds.  The Mama and Papa birds are hovering, feeding and watching over the babies.  They have several places in the yard that they perch and watch over the nest.  They have been great parents!!

Hope everyone had a safe and restful 4th of July and enjoyed some sparks along the way...........

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