Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Time Flies......

Where does the time go?  All I know is it goes by quicker than I can keep up with.  Lots of classes, my girls have been here, working on new projects for the fall and winter, preparing for a trunk show and class in Henderson, lots of things to do.
Lots of ladies attended recipe card class.  They were so busy I don't even think they noticed me taking their pictures.   

Raleigh and Reagan posing with a smaller version of the Statue of Liberty after dinner at Red Robin on Sunday evening.  The girls were spending the night and got to choose what restaurant they wanted to go to. 

Well, I didn't say play in the wool, but oh well, have at it girls.  Lots of scraps for the project binder.....and lots of creativity going on in that class. 
Teresa decided she wanted to get in on the wool fun! 
Button, button, who has the button?  Oh, what to do, which one will look best? 
Who, me? 
Have you ever been up to your knees in wool?  I needed to get to the cutting mat so I just plunged in the wool.  Easier than trying to move it.  And Lynn couldn't resist taking a picture of their teacher immersed in wool. 
More garden fun for the girls.  They each had a bag to fill up with goodies.   
Reagan decided she shouldn't have picked this pepper yet and is trying to figure out if she can put it back on the plant.  I don't think so..... 
I was trying to catch the hummingbird in this picture but he was too fast for me.  Still a pretty picture.

We had a meeting this past weekend with most of the vendors for the Porch Sale in the Barn.  Everyone is excited about the upcoming sale and busy working and creating so we will have lots of fun things for you to choose from.  I think we will have a huge variety of merchandise and can't wait to share it all with you.  Remember to mark your calendars for October 14-15!!  We'll be sending out more information in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, go find some time to stitch a little.................

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