Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hard to believe Halloween has come and gone.  Time is just zipping by.  My past few weeks have been over the top busy and looks like November will be the same.  I am helping two different shops get set up for open houses/openings this week and trying to somehow fit in class preparation for an upcoming class.  So not much down time in my little world for awhile.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween and got lots of trick-or-treat goodies. 

Here are a few of our Halloween pictures.  I was working on class stuff and didn't take any of our actual trick-or-treaters.  Oh well, always next year.

All Raleigh wanted to be was a black cat, and a very cute black cat she was! 
I love Reagan's smile with the missing tooth.  She was Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, complete with Toto in a basket.  Funny thing is she was carrying around a dog all day but she's very afraid of "real" dogs. 

The girls were in a little parade in their neighborhood.  It was quite cute and lots of fun costumes. 
Loved the little shark walking ahead of us.   

After the parade the kids got to take turns swinging at a pinata, one for the older kids and one for the younger kids.  Reagan took a good t-ball swing. 
After several turns at trying to hit the pinata, Raleigh decided to hang around the edges to get the falling candy as it started coming out.  Smart girl.  
My neighbor Lou dropped by to show off her costume.  She was Wilma Flintstone.  I got the biggest kick out of the dog bone she put in her hair.  She used a real dog chew bone and said it was quite heavy.  She was adorable.  And don't you just love those styrofoam earrings!! 
My kooky husband trying out some new eyes. 
Say "Happy Halloween"!

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