Sunday, November 28, 2010

We're home from a Thanksgiving journey to Florida to visit Mom and Dad.  My oldest son and his family went as well as my brother-in-law.  Except for my youngest son and his wife, all the Stewarts were in attendance.  Everyone had a good time, the weather was beautiful and the food was plentiful.  What more could one ask for!   We had a great visit with Mom and Dad and I think they got their fair share of Reagan and Raleigh time.  I believe the girls might have tired them out a bit.   Mom and Dad had a beautiful orange tree hanging over the fence in their backyard.  I believe the girls helped themselves to a few oranges!!

Mom and Dad, glad to see everyone but glad to see us all go too!! 

Reagan was very attached to her Great-Grandpa and looks like he was a little fond of her too.  Wish we all lived closer together so we could spend more time together.  The girls really love their great-grandparents. 
I had a little craft time planned for the girls on Thanksgiving Day.  We were making turkey name cards for everyone. 

Oh boy, I can juggle an orange! 
We took the girls to a close-by playground for a little running around time.  They did rock climbing, swinging, climbing and playing tag with lots of new friends.  We all had a fun time at this playground. 
Mark found these interesting birds walking around the park. 
And I found a little stitching time while the girls were playing.  Something new for January! 
Regan wanted me to hold up what I was working on.  She loves to take pictures of me and of course, I try and hide from the camera!

I got lots of stitching time in the car on the ten hour ride down and back.  Have a few new class projects finished and some other ideas to play with.  I will hopefully have new class schedules done by the middle of December and am looking forward to seeing you all soon.  Hope everyone had a peaceful Thanksgiving and ate lots of pumpkin pie! 

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  1. It is so cool to be able to pick oranges from your own back yard! Glad you had a good time and a chance to work on new projects!