Monday, August 3, 2009

Another busy weekend for me teaching classes. On Saturday the ladies made snowmen pillows and on Sunday a different group started a snowman wool mat. I forgot to take pictures of the ladies working on the mats I guess because I knew they wouldn't finish them in class. Sorry gals. That little snowman pillow has been quite a popular class and is adorable when completed. I think he would be sweet on a table runner also. In between classes I worked on completing the new Fall class projects. I have a penny runner mat that I'm working on now and then all the projects will be complete. I'm trying to get them done before my upcoming trip to Portland, Oregon to visit my friend Debbie Busby of Wooden Spool Designs fame. I am looking so forward to the trip and the rest and relaxation and fun times with Debbie. She always makes me laugh and I make her laugh, so there's a lot of laughing and picture taking and just plain fun whenever we are together, which is usually once a year. So we have to cram alot of fun into a short amount of time so it will last us a whole year!! We also plan to do a little brainstorming on new pattern ideas. Sometimes our two heads together can get pretty creative. The plumber is coming back today to finish up the job. The drywall man came over the weekend and gave us an estimate and approximate start time. So things are moving along with the disaster area. The biggest news of the day is our little five year old granddaughter Reagan starts kindergarten today. She is so excited and can't wait to start school. I remember when our boys started school and what a teary day it was for me. So I know her Mom and Dad, who are both taking her to school, will probably be emotional wrecks this morning. I have little sister Raleigh here with me this morning (still snoozing) so that Mom and Dad could enjoy the first day without any interruptions from little sister. Raleigh spent the night last night for the first time alone without big sister. She felt quite special when she got to play on the computer without big sister looking over her shoulder and telling her time was almost up. She did great right until bedtime when she got weepy and said she wanted to go home. Oh boy, now what do we do. I told her everyone was in bed at her house and we couldn't go there. I just rocked and cuddled her and and she kept saying in her tiny little voice "I want to go home" and I just rocked and rocked and finally she said "I don't want to go home" and then we were ok. Whew, being a Mina isn't always easy!!

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  1. What a good Mina you are!! Lots going on for you before your departure!! Can't wait!! hugs to you!!