Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This one's for you E!! My youngest son Eric keeps asking why I haven't put him on the blog. I told him I had a special date which I planned to post something about him. But he's never been the type of child to be patient and wait, so I decided before I left to put up a couple pictures of Eric from last year's football draft. Eric and his brother Paul, and their Dad and a few others are part of a fantasy football league. Each September they meet at some special undisclosed super secret location to choose their teams for the year. Last year they took a trip to Virginia for the draft party and are supposed to return back to that same secret location this year. They have a great time, lots of fun, lots of poking fun, and just a guy's all around good get together. All the guys show up with sheets and sheets of information and draft picks they've worked on for countless hours, magazines touting who the best players are (which I've never been able to figure out how they know this before the guy has even started playing) and lots of top secret information that they have to keep hidden from their opponents. And of course, there's always lots of good food to eat. Eric was the big champ last year and has the trophy to display during the year. He's hoping to keep that trophy again this year. Good luck guys! I have to be careful to try and remain impartial since I'm married to one of the participants who thinks I give secret information to the other two fellas I gave birth to. A girl can't win in this situation. Love you Eric!

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