Sunday, August 9, 2009

It sure was "frosty" at my house Saturday morning. Three delightful ladies came to make-up a snowman pillow class from the previous weekend and boy did we have fun creating snowmen pillows. Wool applique was new to each of them and I enjoyed watching them as they learned a new craft and stitches. And they kept me in stitches. What fun and entertaining gals they were. I believe sometimes the classes are more fun for me just meeting new people and learning about their lives or their backgrounds. Each is a unique and interesting story. While the ladies were stitching their pillows they inquired about my next Santa class. I told them the only one I had left to teach was that afternoon. It took them about three seconds to decide they wanted to stay and do that class too. They were such a hoot. So while they were finishing their pillows, the next group arrived to make Santas. Again, a wonderful group of ladies. I am so blessed to have met and taught so many talented, sweet, eager to learn students. The classes are so much fun and in the end everyone takes home a project that their hands have created. Thanks for a fun time gals!! And Beverly, I checked and my quilt is still hanging!!

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