Friday, August 7, 2009

Wow, what a busy, busy week I've had. I've taught many classes, forgot to take the camera to most of them, sorry ladies. This week has been a mixture of sewing and recipe card classes, so from paper to fabric, it's been a great time. Many beautiful things were created by many talented hands this week. I've also been working on the new Fall projects for upcoming classes and getting caught up on some class preparation. It all takes so much time and I feel sometimes that I need two of me to get it all done. But somehow, amazingly, it all gets done. The plumber is under the house as I write this trying to finish up with the pipes. He had a death in his girlfriend's family to deal with this week so that put him behind schedule. But I told him not to worry, those pipes weren't going anyplace and would still be here waiting on him. No "pipe fairies" around here!! The drywall guy will be here Monday and Tuesday and I fly out for Portland, Oregon for a week on Tuesday. So things will come to a standstill while I'm gone but, as with the pipes, my mess will still be here to greet me. I know my sweet husband will try and do what he can, but I want to do the painting myself because there's a lot of touching up I wanted to do as I painted the repaired walls. He'll just have to live with disaster for one more week! I have the privilege of picking up my granddaughter from school this afternoon, so I'm sure that will be an adventure. She was so excited I was coming to get her. I love their young enthusiasm. I have more classes here tomorrow, snowman pillow and Santas and then a recipe card class on Sunday. So another packed weekend of classes. I'll be ready for my trip to Portland and taking a breather. But I'm not sure Debbie is going to let me rest. I think she has bunches of plans and I'm looking forward to it. Have a great weekend everyone.

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  1. Counting down the days now...and your'e right...I have bunches of plans for us....Can't wait!! You have been one busy girl!!! hugs to you!!