Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happy Birthday.....

to me!!  Yes, it was my birthday on February 28 and I am one lucky gal.  I think we celebrated most of last week.  I was surprised with a birthday luncheon on Tuesday, another birthday luncheon on Thursday, a birthday dinner on Thursday evening and a another birthiday dinner prepared by my granddaughter and her Daddy on Friday evening.   My gals showered me with wonderful birthday gifts and cards (thank you all so much!!!) and I received lots of emails and phone calls and even a gift or two in the mail.  What I'm trying to get at here is that I am one blessed person and I truly appreciate each and every one of you remembering me on my "special" day.  I can't thank you all enough for making a difficult week (my Mom's birthday was Feb. 26 and I was truly missing her) into a joyful time of celebration.  I sure don't like getting older but by golly, it's going to happen no matter what so we may as well have fun doing it!!!  So thank you for making me feel so special.
Oh no, it's not my birthday AGAIN!!!! 

Look at this pretty birthday dessert.  It was delicious and yes, I'm only one year old!! 

And no, I'm not 62 years old.  This was the delicious cake my son and granddaughter baked and these were the only candles they could muster up so we went with it.  I thought at one time the candles said I was 26 years old.  Oh well............somewhere inbetween.

And believe it or not, there was a third cake which I didn't get a picture of.  My favorite German Chocolate.....thank you Stacey!!

Hope whenever your birthday is you have family and friends to make you feel special.  We all deserve a little pampering on our birthdays! 

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