Sunday, March 24, 2013

Where's Spring??

I went into the bathroom one morning this week and this guy was sitting there looking at me.  Our screened in porch roof is right outside the bathroom and birds love to come and sit on the peak of that roof.  He stayed there long enough for me to go get the camera, open the screen and window.  I figured as soon as I opened the window he would fly away, but he patiently waited for me to get his picture.  We've seen lots of big fat robins the past few weeks so I do believe spring is trying to get here.  We are way behind in temperatures but as we all know, you can't mess with Mother Nature!! 
I had a muffin tin pincushion class this week and did remember to snap a few pictures of the ladies as they worked.  I never seem to remember the camera lately.  Even though there are no photos, we have been pretty busy around here with lots of classes and creative women.  I loved the color of Joan's flower in contrast to the pastel M&M's in the background!! 
Jeannie is working hard to get this "muffin" tied off.  That is probably the hardest part of the whole process.   
Joan chose to applique several of her "muffins".  It's going to be gorgeous! 
Now, another "food" comparison.  Look how pretty Joyce's muffins matched her colorful goldfish.  I guess these are truly her favorite colors!! 
Ta-da!!!  I think Kitty is looking at those birdies wondering how he can jump over there!!!! 
It turned out great Joyce.  Love the colors. 
I finished the last two blocks of my Underground Railroad sampler last night.  I got the strips and cornerstones cut out this morning and all laid out.  So guess what I will be working on today?  Getting all those pieces sewn together and finished!!!  That's my goal and I'm sticking to it.  We were supposed to have stitchery club here today, but with the rain and cold temperatures that was forecasted, I decided to cancel the class and let everyone stay home in their jammies!  So I'll be in my jammies putting together my blocks.

Hope you're finding something fun to work on this dreary rainy day!

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