Monday, March 18, 2013

Where does the time go......

Well, here I go again apologizing for not updating the blog.  I'm afraid life just gets in the way sometimes, or not necessarily in the way but takes priority.  And of course, I get so busy with classes and grandchildren and stitching and quilting and get the picture. 
A good friend inherited these blocks from her mother and wanted to do someting with them.  I suggested she tone the colors down a bit, which she did and then simply sashed with a brown/plaid homespun.  She now has purchased some other fabrics to add borders to make the quilt top grow.  I think it's going to turn out great and what a classic!
You never know who might show up around my house!!!  Usually lovely ladies coming for classes but one day the HULK stopped by.  Grrrrrrr............
We were watching Joshua one day last week and I walked into the living room and there was Poppy in his recliner and Joshua in his rocking chair (snack in hand) watching the basketball game together.  I ran for the camera, too precious not to get a picture! 
I almost got a smile from Joshua.  He sure doesn't pose like the girls did and still do!  Look at all those teeth.  He's 18 months so I guess that's normal.  I can't remember!!!
Reagan was in a play this weekend - Fun on 42nd Street.  This is Reagan posing after the play.  Say cheese!!
Reagan with one of her castmates.  They were all so good in the play and the costumes were adorable. 
This is a quilt piece that I'm working on right now.  The flying geese strips are very old (from the 30's probably) that I've had for some time.  I finally found some fabric to use as strips and will hopefully have a couple of projects finished from the strips.  I am trying so hard to finish up some things that have been laying around for awhile.

Happy stitching.........................

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