Monday, March 25, 2013

Just Piecing......

Working on lots of little squares today to turn them into half-square triangles.  I love this group of fabrics that came in a kit I ordered at Christmas time.  Have no idea what the line is but they are right up my alley! 
I'm going to make the table runner pictured here.  Red, white and blue of course!! 
I got my Underground Railroad top put together yesterday.  Love the reds, browns and blacks together.  I am now auditioning fabrics for the outer border.  I about drove my husband crazy yesterday calling him in to look at different fabrics.  He definitely had an opinion but after awhile I think I wore him down and he told me to just pick what I liked!   
This is the fabric my husband liked for the outer border........ 
and this is the fabric that I liked.  Stars of course!  He thought my fabric was too bright but I don't think so.  His fabric was a little more subdued shade of red I suppose.  Any opinions out there?  I have also tried several browns, browns with red, golds, different reds and keep coming back to these two.

Hope you find a little time for some stitching today.

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  1. Sharon, I have to agree with Mark on this one. Colorwise his choice is better because it is more subdued. I like the stars better as a pattern. I suggest you tea dye the star fabric to tone down the white. What do you think?