Monday, January 28, 2013

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than stiching with friends.........
Joan came as a guest teacher to show us how to do embroidery thread painting.  You use one strand of floss and many colors to create beautiful designs.  We are all working on the above Violet.  We didn't get very far but she left us with homework.  Several of our ladies were missing from the group today so they will have something to look forward to next time. 
Look at everyone busily stitching away.  Some of us were having a hard time seeing the one strand of floss.  Me included!!  I think this calls for Ott lights and magnifying glasses!!
So today I dragged out the house blocks again.  I have two completed and two more that I'm laying out.  That would mean five to go.  Love all the colors in this quilt, red, blue, creams, blacks, my favorite colors to decorate with. 
The two completed blocks.  This quilt is way bigger than I remembered but I'm sure I won't have a problem finding some place to use it!!

Hope you're enjoying your day and finding some stitching time along the way...................

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