Saturday, January 26, 2013

Winter Days....

We had Busy Bee Finishing School on Thursday and Kim brought her "Little House" piece all completed.  Rather than framing she bordered it with fabric, hand quilted and is going to use it as a wall hanging.  She did a beautiful job!
We had a wee bit of an ice/snow storm yesterday (Friday) so we were told to stay indoors and off the roads.  Lou and I got together and started working on some unfinished projects.  While she was here, Lou got her flower garden piece all put together.  It looks so pretty and the border colors really brought out the colors of the flowers.  One project down Lou!!
I did put together this little table top piece from leftover four patches that I used on the snowman quilt.  Now all I have to do is hand it off to Laura to do her magic quilting and I will have another small piece for Christmas decorating!
Today, Saturday, we are stuck inside again.  So I decided to get busy trying to finish a couple more things.  I'm afraid I haven't finished anything but have fluttered from one project to another, accomplishing nothing!!  This is a kit for a table runner.  I started cutting out the squares but then decided I wasn't in the mood and moved on to....................
Some leftover pieces from the spider web quilt I did last year.  Decided to cut the strips into smaller strips, piece them together and create another mat for Thanksgiving.  Well, here's how far I got before I moved on to another project................................
The house blocks that I started last year I believe.  I have three blocks done and need to do six more before putting the quilt top together with lots of other strips.  So now I am cutting out the house pieces so I can begin the process of building my houses.  This is where I am now!!!  Hopefully I will stay with this project and get the blocks done.

In between all of this, my husband has climbed a ladder and is chipping away at all the ice that has built up in our back gutter.  Seems it is getting in our heater unit and making it want to freeze up.  So of course I can't be sewing or doing anything productive because I'm worried about him being on the ladder.  So either I'm standing at the window watching him or even going out to see if I could be of assistance!  In my PJ's nonetheless!!  And slippers!!  Wonder I didn't slipper down the stairs...............  He is now in the house which means I can get back to building houses!!

Hope you're all tucked inside warm and cozy and enjoying some stitching time!

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