Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!  We're hot and steamy here in North Carolina, a balmy 100 right now.  Just too hot to go out and enjoy all the 4th of July celebrations.  At least for me!  Hope you and yours are having a wonderful and safe holiday.
What better way to celebrate the summer holiday than by eating a fresh ear of corn?!  This was Joshua's first attempt at eating from the cob.  I think he truly enjoyed it, covered himself and everything around him with corn kernels. 
See, it's everywhere, including in his ear.  But he sure had a good time munching away at that corn.  I think he's about done with baby food now.  Especially after eating a yummy summer meal of hotdogs, corn on the cob and ice cream.   
She's friend the deer.  After everyone went home, our power went out due to some storms that were around our area.  I walked in the backyard and there stood my deer friend.  She just looked at me.  I ran in the house got the camera, went back out and she was still just standing there.  I followed her around for awhile as she sauntered through the neighbors' yards.  She never ran, just walked along.  There is a place on her side that looks like she may have had an injury.  I'm wondering if she has been shot.  Makes me sad to think that but something is very different about this gal.  And she still isn't eating my tomatoes!!! 
As the picture shows, she's leaving them alone. 
Maybe because this guy is still in there guarding them! 
My favorite summer flower has always been the zinnia.  They are so beautiful with their rainbow of colors, and so hardy and heat and drought resistant, which we need in our area.  I remember my Mammaw used to always have a garden full of zinnias every summer and I always loved picking them for a mason jar bouquet.  So I suppose I've loved them since I was a little girl. 

I've been a little sad since yesterday when I heard the news of Andy Griffith.  I have always loved that show and all the characters on the show.  It makes me happy whenever that show comes on, no matter how many times I've seen the episode.  Just a time of long ago when things were simple and sweet.  I'm so glad that we have 249 episodes to continue to enjoy Andy Griffith and friends. 

Happy 4th everyone!  And please do find a little stitching time today!!  I have!!!


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  2. That's the way to eat corn on the cob...way to go Joshua!

    I have always enjoyed Zinnias too. My parents planted them around their the weeds wouldn't show. They make such a pretty bouquet.

    Looks as though Mr. Scarecrow is doing his job by the way your tomatoes look!

    I't hot here in Des Moines too! We are staying inside where it is cool!

    Happy 4th of July.