Friday, July 20, 2012

My deer friend was in the garden again this evening.  As I was doing something at the kitchen sink, I saw a one bunch of leaves moving in the garden.  We were about to have a thunderstorm so I thought it was from the wind at first.  But then I noticed that just that same bunch of leaves were moving and no others on any of the other tomato plants.  About that time I saw the deer's head pop up.  I ran out there and shooed her out and she jumped the fence and headed for the woods.  She turned back to look at me like she was wondering what the problem was. 
And then she just stood in the woods looking at me.  She's just not a normal deer and she's becoming not so dear to me if she doesn't stop eating my tomatoes!!! 
Joshua is spending the night and got into my vintage potholders.  Well, I put the jar on the floor and allowed him to play with them.  He had a blast pulling them out.   
He would throw them on the floor and then sit and play with them.  This was before he got out about fifity of them!! 
OK, my dear friend, this is enough.  My husband looked out as he was doing the dishes and there she was in the garden again.  I ran out there and shooed her out again.  This is the only picture I took as she sulked away.  Now she is getting a little too pesky! 
But on the way back to the house I couldn't resist taking a couple pictures of some pretty zinnias! 




Happy Weekend!!!

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