Tuesday, July 17, 2012

So what's going on in your neck of the woods?  I've been working on class prep for upcoming new classes.  Lots of work in the beginning for me and then lots of fun during the classes.

I taught a class at Miss Lou's Quilting Studio in Henderson on Saturday.  Great group of ladies.
What on earth are they doing?  What are they all gathered around?  Must be something good! 
Oh, fabric squares........each person needed to pick 16 different fabric blocks to begin this project. 
And then comes the wool.  Lots and lots of wool scraps.  We are doing the wool flower quilt that I taught at my house during the spring months.Look at all that eye candy in the background! 

Now, let's get down to work.  Lots of choosing and cutting in this project.  And tiny pieces sometimes. 

This is my neighbor and friend Lou, who traveled with me to do the class.  She got to meet a whole group of new ladies and make new friends. 

And look at the beautiful vase of zinnias......someone must have known they're my favorite! 
Now, back on the home front, I have spent several days printing and cutting all the zillions of pieces necessary to do the summer recipe book.  All the pieces are neatly packed away in bins awaiting the first class on Wednesday.  I'm so glad to have that behind me.  Very labor intensive!! 
I was dusting downstairs this morning and went to the sink to rinse out my cloth and look who I found in the garden.  My dear deer friend is back.  This is the first time I've seen her actually in the garden.  So of course I ran and grabbed the camera!!!   Uh....Mr. Scarecrow.....you're not doing your job!!
Munching on some green peppers...... 
As I got closer she started moving around the garden, watching me and nibbling as she went...... I finally decided she needed to get out of there but wasn't sure how that was going to happen.  About that time, she just leaped over the fence and went to the woods.  I told my husband there was no point in trying to battle her if she could that easily jump over that fence.  It was amazing and of course, I didn't have the camera on her since I didn't know she was going to do that!! 
Back to the woods.

Going to take the granddaughters to the movies this afternoon to see Brave.  We'll have a little lunch and take in the movie and maybe run some errands.  A girl afternoon.  They've been planning this for awhile.  Love spending time with them.  Just wish it weren't going to be 98 degrees!!

Hope you have a great summer afternoon and find some time to stitch a little.

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