Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Well, I was scolded for not updating my blog during class today.  I swear I don't have time to, well never mind, I just don't have any free time lately.  Between classes, prepping for the classes and babysitting the grandchildren, there's not a free second for me.  Not to mention the rest of "life".  So here you go ladies.  A quick, sweet (literally) update.

I was inspired by a pincushion from a quilt magazine and decided to do a patriotic version. I am so hooked on the paper pieced hexagons. They are just mindless. A great take-along project too.
Betsy and Barbara, sisters ( Barbara is visiting from PA) working on their English paper pieced pincushions. Barbara has taken a couple of classes with me whenever she comes for a visit and I so enjoy seeing her each time. I am so blessed to have such nice ladies around me. I truly appreciate each and every one of you!!
Several of the gals working on their hexagons.  I think it's too soon to tell if they love it yet or not. 
Today we had recipe card class and a pot luck lunch.  I made the dessert that was featured on the recipe card which was shared by my friend Sally.  Oh my gosh, what a delicious dessert and the tallest cake I've ever made.  It would not fit under my cake cover.  Fresh strawberries (which are in season), brownie mix and whipped topping......what could be better.  I said all we need to do is add bananas and we would have a banana split! 
I have quite a few bird feeders around the yard but several are located in one grouping.  Well, I also have several squirrels that like to visit the feeders and get quite creative in getting to the feeders.  We have baffling up to prevent them from climbing the pole and that works.  But they climb on a nearby fence and leap through the air and land on some part of the feeders.  This squirrel is about to stretch himself to the limits to empty this feeder.  We have a problem however. 
Mama and Daddy Bluebird are not happy with Mr. Squirrel.  They have built a nest and have babies in that little red birdhouse in the background.  We have taken down several of the feeders so the other birds don't visit the area as often so the bluebirds are not so stressed over protecting their little ones.  Mr. Squirrel, however, doesn't seem to care that he is in imminent danger from the bluebirds.  They ended up dive bombing the squirrel several times and Mr. Squirrel just ignored them.  Finally the bluebirds settled on top of the pole and carefully watched the squirrel to make sure he wasn't going near their babies.  It was quite a sight to watch. 
He is stretched about as far as he can go for this seed. 
Mr. Bluebird keeps a watchful eye on Mr. Squirrel.  And Mama is sitting on the water cooler watching also.  I have enjoyed watching the bluebirds so much this spring.  They are just beautiful.  I have had them nest in one or two of our houses each spring. 

The babies are now gone and the bluebirds are back again.  I guess we're about to have more babies.  Here go the battles again.  I think this time the bluebirds are choosing a house that is out by the garden, away from the feeders.  It will make me happier and I won't have to go chase the squirrels away all the time. 

Hope you all have a great week.  We're having our wonderful 70ish temperatures again.  Good riddance to the 90's!!!  Of course we know the 90's will be back.  Just not this early in the season please!!

Happy stitching...........................

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