Monday, May 21, 2012


Have you ever watched bumblebees as they flit from flower to flower, not staying in any one place very long?  That's what I'm feeling like these days!  A fat little bumblebee just flitting around my house, from one project to another...............flit, flit, flit, buzzzzzz, buzzzzzz..................

Hopefully all this flitting around will get things accomplished in the end.  I am working on new class projects for July and August as well as a myriad of other things.  As I walked around this morning, eating my hard boiled egg, I decided to take a few pictures.  Everywhere I looked there was a project in the works.  That's when I decided I was just like a bumblebee, busy, busy, busy, buzzing from flower to flower, working as quickly as I can, with so many flowers still waiting to be tended to. 
This is a huge piece that I am trying to re-create from a bag design in a recent publication.  I think it is qoing to be quite fun and will make a great centerpiece on a table.
Speaking of bees, I'm working on this sweet little embroidery project which I am stitching on a towel.  Did a little coloring to enhance the embroidery.
Also have bunches of recipes out, trying to create a summer themed recipe book for class.  These books I put together take lots of preparation but in the end they are so much fun. 
We finished up the May and June recipe card classes yesterday so I decided to put together the left over June recipe cards.  Anyone who misses the class can purchase the cards and I am trying so hard to get them done promptly. 
And of course, another quilt block for the never ending quilt.  Actually, there is an end in sight for me.  Once this block is done (TODAY!) I will have a total of 15 blocks to complete.  That sounds so much better than 83 blocks to complete, which is where we started in this journey.  They have been so much fun and I can't wait to get it done. 
These are a couple of pics of some of the blocks I have completed for the mystery quilt that my group is working on.  Each one is unique and different and has been quite the learning experience for this inexperienced quilter!!  I feel like I could tackle anything after this.  Well, maybe not anything! 

So now you know where this bumblebee has been the past week, just flitting around the house.  And inbetween these projects I have had quite a few classes with lots of wonderful ladies visiting.  And class projects with my granddaughter, and some babysitting.  So never a dull moment nor a dull needle around here.

Hope your week is a good one and that you find somewhere to settle and do a little stitching.


  1. I am very jealous that you are so far ahead! But, I do think your blocks are beautiful!!!

  2. I was just looking at the "farmer's market" pattern, thinking about what I could do with it instead of a bag. A runner is a great idea. Your's is looking great! :-)

  3. Thanks Debby and Michelle for your comments. Michelle, I started out thinking I was going to do a runner but it is much larger than a runner. I'll bet it is 20-24" x 30"-ish. I changed the apples to tomatoes and added green peppers in one of the rows. I loved the bag but knew I would probably never use it or at least not use it enough to justify all the time spent creating it! Happy stitching to you both.

  4. Hi Sharon - Had a nice time today. Glad I went home early because Banjo the pup was whining and crying when I came through the door. He still has some separation issues, but I know he is getting better with this. Definitely a people person puppy and so cute - still trouble in a 33 pound package though. Finished my hexagons on liberty pin cushion. Yea! If you have two each of May and June's recipe cards, I would like to buy them from you. Let me know. Also, your upcoming classes look wonderful, and I cannot wait to do the flower block quilt next month. See you soon. Teresa Taylor