Monday, May 14, 2012

Graduation and Mother's Day

What a super busy weekend my family has had.  Not only was it Mother's Day weekend, but our oldest son graduated from Campbell University on Saturday.  He's worked long and hard to make this dream become a reality and we are so proud of him and his wonderful accomplishment.
The family met at the ball field where Reagan had a baseball game to start the day off.
While Reagan played in her game, Raleigh hung around in the trees........... 
Brothers Eric and Paul (the almost new graduate) watching the game.  Eric flew home for the weekend.  We hardly ever get to see him so that was a special gift for Paul and me for Mother's day!!
Who's cuter...........This was Eric's first time to see little Joshua.  Any family resemblance? 
Joshua playing in the grass.  Looks like he was saying "ooooh, what's this?" 
As Scotty McCreery says in his new song "A water tower town"! 
Joshua couldn't stay awake for the graduation ceremony. 
There's Paul in the crowd.....front row.....tall guy...... 
Paul gave a speech during the ceremony which was quite entertaining.  We all decided he was much better than most of the academic speakers!! 
All done now!!  So proud of him. 
Back at the podium, this time for fun. 
Oh Daddy, thank you so much for my new teething rope. 
We had a surprise party for Paul and a few of his favorite people. 
The cake was yummy.   
All done, all through, all graduated, free at last!!!! 
Oh what will he do with his time now that he doesn't have so much school work?  I'm sure he will keep very busy with three children and all their activities. 

Congratulations Paul.  We are so, so proud of you!!


  1. Congratulations to Paul! Whew - it makes me tired to think of all his hard work - working, going to school and raising a family!

    Glad you guys had a wonderful, fun-filled Mother's Day weekend.

  2. Great pictures Sharon! Thanks for all your help...there is no way I could have pulled it all together without you guys.