Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas everyone! How quickly it came and went. I think Christmas should last over an entire week!! Celebrations each and every day. What fun that would be. We had a wonderful Christmas-- family, food and fun. My two granddaughters had a grand time and are still celebrating. They got so many Barbie and Princess dolls, including a Barbie town home, they need a room just for the dolls. But boy were they excited. I hope and wish that each and every one of you had a wonderful joyous holiday and pray for a safe and Happy New Year!
Paul, Meredith, Reagan & Raleigh all ready for Santa!
Mina and her girls -- nothing like a sandwich hug!
Lots of presents waiting to be opened. The girls have rearranged them several times trying to figure out what was inside the boxes.
Reagan found a Taylor Swift CD in her stocking. She said she is Taylor's biggest fan. What she didn't know at the time was if she kept digging in her stocking she was going to find tickets to the Taylor Swift concert to be held in Raleigh next May. Lots of screaming happened when her mother explained to her what the pieces of paper were that she pulled out.
My sweetie modeling his new Maryland hat that our son Eric and his wife Kristin sent.
Wow, looks like I've been a good girl with all these presents. Wonder what they could be??!!
One of my gifts from my husband was a new zoom lens for my camera. Look how close I got to this bear from my chair. Look out everyone!!
Just what every little princess girl needs, pink tights and pink glitter shoes. Raleigh loves glitter shoes!
Uncle Eric and Aunt Kristin got the girls a new princess phone for their new princess bedroom.
Another fun gift from Uncle Eric & Aunt Kristin. Lots of jumping for joy over this gift.
No better way to top off the day than with dessert. My recipe card gals might recognize the Pumpkin Trifle (I forgot to put on the topping!) which was so yummy. The other dessert was a Boston Cream Cake that was equally delicious. My brother-in-law said these were the two best desserts I ever made. What a compliment.
Happy New Year!

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