Friday, December 18, 2009

Oh my gosh, where has the time gone. I haven't posted since Dec. 6 and it seems like just a few days ago I was putting pictures of the new class models on here. We finished up the classes for the year with a fun muffin pincushion class and also the popcorn garland and candy canes. Lots of fun was had in the classes and much holiday spirit was shown!!

Bonnie came dressed in full holiday attire, including snowman bobble thingies on her head. What a cutie patootie she is!

Bonnie proudly holds her new muffin tin creation. A beautiful job Bonnie.
Great job Karen. Love the snowman you added and the buttons for your holly berries. Happy stitching to you!
Now that classes are over, time to spend with the girls. Raleigh loves posing for pictures and we had a great time with a quick round of photos before school. What a sweetie she is!
Raleigh and I decorated this ornament for her to take to school as a class project. Each child was supposed to be creative and imaginative with their ornaments. We had fun stamping and adding ribbon and trims.
Who's cuter? Raleigh or Santa?Time for a little cookie baking. We borrowed a cookie press from Ms. Sally and went to town creating Christmas trees. Everybody got a turn to create two pans of special yummy cookies.
Reagan is showing little sister exactly how the cookie press works. She's already made her two pans of cookies and they're in the oven baking. Boy do they smell good.
Oopsy daisy, a little heavy on the sugar. Raleigh said sorry about that.
Raleigh was definitely a little heavy on the sugar but hey, they're her cookies!
Reagan's cookies are out of the oven and ready for decorating. She got quite creative with the icing.
Raleigh's cookies are finally ready to go in the oven. She said she worked hard on her cookies. They look beautiful! Of course, everything to a Mina looks beautiful!!
Merry Christmas to all.

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