Sunday, December 6, 2009

Two classes taught today with seven left to teach before this time next week and that will be it for the year. I always have such a great time teaching the classes, enjoying the time with each set of ladies that participate. They are all different in many ways but share a common bond of loving to create something with their hands. Many take a class and decide right away they are making more to give as gifts. Others just want the companionship of women who share the same passions as they do. Whatever the reason, I'm blessed to have so many wonderful women taking the classes and sharing so much of themselves with me and others.
And today was no exception. I taught the Holly Days mat class in the morning and later in the day the muffin tin pincushion. Due to holiday activities and other things, the holly class got whittled down to just two people, Debby and Heather, Mom and Daughter. They worked diligently at pulling together the wools they needed to get the project started and had a great time just spending time with one another.

Pam and Carol joined Debby and Heather later in the afternoon for the muffin tin class. Again, several cancellations left us with a smaller group so the ladies had plenty of room to spread out to work on their muffin tins.
Carol looks so relaxed while she does her stitching. She decided not to make a Christmas tin but to recreate one from the summer with strawberries and flowers.
Pam was concentrating so hard on her stitching she didn't even realize I had a camera pointing at her.

Oh no, Heather's pincushion exploded. This is not what a pincushion is supposed to look like!! Poor Heather hides her face in shame!!
After being in class for many hours, Heather and Debby started to get a little punchy. Things just weren't always going their way and they would get tickled and laughing uncontrollably at each other which made everyone else laugh. They were so funny. They had problems threading needles, doing some of the stitches, unthreading needles, exploding pincushions, you name it. And of course, I couldn't resist grabbing the camera everytime they were having issues. So here are the embarrassing pictures of Debby and Heather, Mom and Daughter, enjoying a class together. Sorry girls!!! You know I had to do it!!!!

But in the end, Heather and Debby stayed until their pincushions were completed. So they went home with something fun that they did together. Way to hang in there gals!!
Can't wait to see what adventures this week's classes will bring.

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