Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!! The fun is starting early at my house. My best friend Evette came by with presents first thing this morning. She made the cutest holly pincushion in a cup and also a "Christmas Witch" mannequin. How adorable they both were.
And then there was the candy cane figurine that was too sweet. What a crafty (in more ways than one!) friend I have. Then it was time for Evette to open my gifts. I explained to her that my plans were thrown out the window when I saw the pumpkin head man. I knew I had to buy him for Evette since she is the Queen of Halloween. So there went my original plans. Who would think Halloween for Christmas! There were some other fun things too. Like the pillow that Evette really wanted from our friend Jennifer that I somehow ended up buying and turning into a pincushion for Evette. So she still ended up with what she wanted in a different format. We had so much fun so early in the morning.

I just finished wrapping up my little dinner gifts for everyone for Christmas dinner. Aren't they fun and festive in the beautiful red and white bowl that Evette gave me last year. She knows I love red!!

Took some pictures around the house. Not sure what I've photographed before but thought I would share a few just for fun.

The girls are on their way to my house to open their Christmas Eve gift. Every year when my boys were small they got to open one gift on Christmas Eve. That was always a new pair of PJ's to wear to bed on the big night. I have carried out that tradition as my boys grew into young men and then for their wives and now also for the grandchildren. So everyone gets a box to open on Christmas Eve. My pajama list has certainly grown over the years!

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone!!