Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tis the Season.....

to be jolly...............
and speaking of jolly.....here's the jolly old elf himself with Reagan and Raleigh....... 
Joshua spent the day with me one day last week while Mommy and Daddy went Christmas shopping......he decided to try on my "reading" glasses so he could see me better I suppose!  I found him hidden between the sofa and coffee table with the glasses on.   
What a funny boy.  He would not give the glasses back and by the end of the day I found one of the arms but not the rest of the glasses.  When I asked him where the glasses were, he went to his basket and brought them to me and just smiled.  What's a Mina to do??!! 
A great group of ladies got together to work on a project that they have been working on off and on for several months.  They come and do a little bit of gathering, drawing, creating and then go away until they get caught up and come back and do a little more.  Soon they will have some masterpieces to share! 
Bonnie just got her beautiful quilt back from Laura.  It turned out just great and I promise you the photo doesn't do it justice.   Laura's quilting was perfect for this project and I know Bonnie can't wait to get it home and hung. 
And Joyce started this project, I think way earlier this year and is almost done.  She just has the back to put on now.  Just in time for Christmas!! 
And another flower garden quilt almost done.  Joyce has her top together but needs to get the quilting done, which her sweet sister has volunteered to do for her.  Lucky gal! 
Fifteen of us went out for a Christmas lunch after Busy Bee Finishing School today.  We ate at a restaurant in Fuquay called Bellini's.  Great food and even better company!  Looks like we all cleaned our plates! 
What a great bunch of ladies!!!  I love them all!!! 
And look how happy they are when they get gifts.  Doesn't the table look festive with all the red and green papers!  Thank you to each and every one who contributed to make this such a special day.  I couldn't do what I do without you!! 
Awww.......the bad news, look at all those checks.  Somehow mine mysteriously disappeared!  Again, thank you ladies. 
And tonight I got some presents wrapped.  I just felt like I needed to stop and wrap some things so I could see what I still needed to do.  In other words, I needed to regroup!!  I'm feeling a little more in control but still have lots to do before the weekend.  And the hours just keep flying by. 

Hope you're all getting lots done but taking time to enjoy the season.  Sometimes I feel like Christmas comes and goes so quickly and I didn't get to do everything I wanted to do.  Let me know if anyone figures out how to extend the season a wee bit longer!

As I'm sure you all feel, my heart goes out to all the families in Newton who lost their precious loved ones at what was supposed to be such a joyous time.  I cannot even begin to imagine what they are feeling right now and can only offer lots of prayers for their continued healing.  

Blessings to you all.....................

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