Sunday, December 2, 2012


It's been a year since my Mom passed away and I miss her each and every day.  Some days more than others when I think I'll pick up the phone and just ask Mom something and remember she's not there.  It's hard, especially this time of the year.  But recently I got a nice surpise in the mail from my sister..........

A big box of buttons.  I always told my Mom if anything ever happened to her, all I wanted were her jars of buttons.  We used to sit and talk and play with the buttons and imagine where the buttons might have come from...... 
My sister decided it would be difficult and expensive to mail all those jars so she emptied each jar into it's own baggie.  She said she had exactly enough baggies before she ran out for the buttons.  Then when she got to the Post Office with all those bags of buttons, the postmaster had just the right size box to hold all the buttons.  A sign that she was meant to ship those to me!! 
So I recently went out and tried to find the perfect container to hold all those buttons full of so many memories................ 
My "jar" full of memories with Mom.

I'm sad as I write this post but I smile at the same time thinking back on all the warm memories of me and my Mom playing in the buttons.  When we were younger she would make button dolls and sometimes string a large button that somehow turned into a spinning toy.  Just making do with what she had to keep her five children entertained..........with just plain old buttons.......snipped from clothing, found here and there..........none valuable but all special just like she was.


  1. I got my grandma's buttons as I am the only sewer in the bunch. Many memories. I started doing research on buttons and gathered a few button craft books. It expanded my knowledge and appreciation. I now have other things to look at besides the jar,i.e, a quilt with buttons on it, some jewelry and a framed art piece. It became a new hobby.

  2. I too have button jars from my grandmothers. I LOVE them, I've used very few of them on crafts but I will sit and sift through them every now and then :)