Thursday, September 27, 2012

Something done.....

It's always nice to finish a project, no matter the size.  Today a group met for Busy Bee Finishing School and worked on several projects.  Some things were completed and each person was happy for the accomplishment but none happier than Elaine who finally finished the Santa on her wool crazy stocking.
Elaine has been working on this Santa for about a year now.  Basically she says she gets him out, looks at him, works on him a bit, pulls out the stitches, puts him away.........until next time.  So today, after everyone left, Elaine and I decided it was time to get Santa done.  I walked her through the different steps and she stitched away and got the happy fella done.  So congratulations Elaine.  I know this was a huge load lifted from your "to do" list. 
Elaine said now that Santa was done she could move on to the rest of the stocking pieces.  He just seemed to be hanging over her head.  I'm sure we all have those sorts of projects..........

There's still room in the Thursday Busy Bee class if you'd like to join in and get some of your unfinished "to do's" done.

Happy almost weekend!

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