Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Where do the days go...........

As I get older, the clock moves faster.  I have been so busy with classes, grandchildren and getting ready for the barn sale.  Recently I have been asked in person and sent many emails wanting to know if I'm ok because I haven't updated the blog in so long.  So I decided I had better get something on here so people wouldn't needlessly worry about me.  I'm ok.  Tired, running in many different directions, but ok.  I have taught many classes this month and haven't taken pictures at all of them, but here are a few to share.
This class is doing a wool mat called Autumn Reflections by Lily Anna Patterns.  The mat is absolutely gorgeous and I left it up to the ladies to pick out colors of wool for their individual mats.  I had spot dyed some wool thinking it would make great leaves and several of the gals chose that wool.  It turned out beautiful on their mats.
Lou is trying to pick browns for the baskets, etc.  Some hard choices.
Looks like Kim is in the brown pile now!
Here are just a couple of pictures of the mats all put together with lots of stitching to do for homework.  This is an absolutely gorgeous pattern and design.  Thanks for creating it Lori!

Evette took a day off work to teach some ladies beginning cross stitch on linen.  I think they all had a great time and learned lots from Ms. Evette.

I was walking by the window in my office one morning and this big old hawk was sitting on one of the birdhouses.  He stayed out there for a very long time, diving to the ground for a morsel and then perching back on the birdhouse.  They are so huge.
Joshua came to spend the evening while his family went out to dinner.  It was just Mina and Joshua and we had a good time.  I took lots of pictures but he moves so fast most of them are blurry.  He has been walking for a while now and really gets around.  I bought the Tonka truck when we first found out there was going to be a little boy in the family and finally decided to give it to him now.  He loved it and pushed it everywhere.
I had a big box of stuffing in the living room and I stuck Joshua in the box.  He had a blast.  His big sister Raleigh used to like to get in the boxes of "fluff" as she called it and I wondered how he would like it.  He laughed and laughed that sweet little boy laugh of his.  So adorable. 
Looks like he has bubbles around him.  That came next!
All bathed and ready for bed.  I think he's calling his Mommy and Daddy to come and get him!!  Or maybe he's calling Poppy (his favorite) to see where he is. 
This class was to make a witch's hat and shoes.  Oh what fun the gals had with this project.  We sewed all the parts that needed to be sewn and then the painting got started and things got a wee bit messy.
I at least remembered gloves for everyone so they didn't have black fingernails.
Look at our hats and shoes, outside drying.  What a sight.  And luckily it was a beautiful sunny day which helped so much with the drying.
Now comes a little sanding just to distress things a bit.
And then we put some special "goop" on for further distressing.  It's a very wonderful stain recipe that the designer shared that just adds a great pantina to the pieces.
We kept passing these morning glories each time we went in and out of the house so I decided to snap a picture.  These morning glories come back each year, even though I pull them out each time they appear.  This year I decided to let them go and see where they end up.  They are so pretty but they also go places I don't want them to.  Oh well........why fight mother nature.
The hats look so cool with the "aging" part done.
Now comes the fun part, decorating the hats and shoes.  The gals really got into this, pulling from all sorts of dried flowers, raffia, etc. that I had gathered for them.
Now Elaine, don't you make a cute witch!!!!!
I'm not sure Lynn is loving this part.  In the end her hat looked very witchy!
Ta-da!!  They are just great.  Everyone was so excited to have them in time to decorate with.
Thank you Kim from Old Road Primitives for these great patterns.  They were so much fun to do and your directions were perfect and easy to follow!!! 
Joyce has a little display already planned.  Good job!!
I got to go to The Rusty Bucket open house this year for the first time in a few years.  Ran into lots of friends, including Becky who had her arms full.  I think she was having a good time and finding lots of goodies to take home.
Dolly looked so cute holding her pumpkin I couldn't resist a picture.  What a perfect fall photo!  You should have this on your desk Dolly.

Well, that's about it for me.  I have to get to work on some new recipe cards for the barn sale today.  Lots of other things in progress.  Remember October 12 and 13 for the barn sale this year.  I think we have several new vendors and also some food vendors in case you get hungry after all that shopping.  Looking forward to seeing you all there.  Happy fall y'all.  Couldn't resist!!

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