Thursday, September 6, 2012

I have just been fussed at for not updating the blog.  Actually, I've been "asked about" more than a few times lately.  I'm just plain sorry.  I have been so busy with classes, preparing for classes and working on barn sale stuff that there doesn't seem to be a free minute.  I have taken pictures of quite a few classes and other things, but just haven't had time to do anything with them.  So what follows are some random pictures from the past week or so.
Debbie brought along a beautiful put together quilt top from the Civil War blocks that quite a few of us are doing.  It was so much fun to see them all put together.  At one time Debbie and I both thought we would add sashing around our blocks but now we're re-thinking this idea after seeing Diana's beautiful quilt. 
Barbara shared her wonderful Dear Jane blocks all put together.  You have to see these in person to appreciate them!!! 
Joan came as a guest speaker to one of my stitchery clubs.  She does absolutely beautiful embroidery work, stump work, painted embroidery, etc.  Again, you need to see her work in person to appreciate all the fine detail. 
All done with one strand of many different colors of embroidery floss.  My stitchery clubs are going to receive a lesson from Joan in embroidery painting.  YAY! 
Lou finished her crazy quilt.  Beautiful! 
This is the model for the Spider Web quilt class that I'm taking.  I love this design and can't wait to find time to work on my blocks.  Hmmmmm...........time............... 
Taught a fun class in Henderson where the ladies worked on a fall wool project.  Brenda is very intent on what she is doing! 
This is the Diana that made the beautiful quilt in the first picture.   Thank you for sharing Diana!
And notice the wonderful quilt behind Diana.  That's an upcoming class at Miss Lou's. 
Oh they are working so hard!!!   
Pat finished this large embroidered pillow for her guest room bed.  It is so nice.  Get well wishes to Pat who recently took a fall and fractured her wrist.  Hope that doesn't cut into her stitching time!!!!  Stitching must be good thereapy, right?! 
Lynn finished another crazy quilt, this one for her guest room.  Boy, these ladies are really cranking out the quilts.  Each and every one is a treasure to be shared for generations. 
Oh, look, there's an elf in a crate now.  Glad those little elves are done and put away for the barn sale.  I have a few things done and lots of things in the works for the sale.  Just not enough hours to accomplish what I want to.  Thus, the reason for me not blogging!!! 

Enjoy your weekend and hopefully find a little stitching time.

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