Thursday, June 21, 2012

What's more fun than getting together on a 95 degree summer day and working on a fall project?!  That's just what we did on Tuesday and it was quite fun.  The ladies started working on an ACORNS wool applique mat that they will have completed in plenty of time for fall decorating.  As I took the pictures, it was interesting to see what colors everyone chose for their applique pieces.  Each mat was quite different from another.

My friend Betsy invited me to a rug hooking show in Asheboro on Wednesday.  There was a camp going on there all week and on Wednesday they shared some of their wonderful and beautiful creations.  It was quite awe inspiring and made me want to go home and start hooking a rug! 

Now, don't you feel like you want to start hooking a rug?!!  Some of the rugs were huge and so involved it was mind boggling.   Thanks for a fun day Betsy!!

Have a great day.  We're doing a happy quilt class here today.  Should be loads of fun. 

Find some time to stitch, or quilt or rug hook............


  1. Thank you for sharing the rug pictures! I always find a new favorite at rug shows. I'm in the process of whipping the edges of my first rug and I'm addicted. Who doesn't love wool?!?! : )

  2. I'm with you Michelle. It's so inspirational to see what others have created. Congrats on your first rug. What was the design?