Tuesday, June 12, 2012

We've had a busy weekend around here.  Our oldest granddaughter was in a play in which she was a grandma.  I think she was the big bad wolf grandma but the play was a bit over my head so we'll just say she was a grandma.  Actually, now that I think about it, she was Jack from Jack & the Beanstalk's mother but somehow she was also a grandmother.  I missed most of the play because I'm sick and I had a coughing attack and had to leave the room.  So from the little bit I saw that's all I figured out.  Not that any of that mattered a hill of beans to any of you......I just realized I didn't understand the play.  In any event, she was adorable and knew all of her lines and everyone else's too! 

After the play the children all sat on a really long bench and signed autographs.  That was so cute to watch.  They all just beamed when someone asked for their autograph! 
The other reason we were busy this weekend is because we kept the baby boy for a couple of days.  I don't believe I have many pictures where he isn't drooling!  He now has two little teeth and with all that drooling I would say that many more are on the way!! 
Joshua takes after his Daddy because he loves baseballs.  I bought him some plastic wiffle balls to play with and he always had one in hand or close by.  When he crawled, he had a ball in one hand as he crawled and it sounded like a peg leg person walking.  So funny.  So far we think he favors his right hand but we'll have to wait and see....... 
Look who can crawl up the stairs.  I wasn't prepared for this one.  I guess I should have known he could crawl up the stairs but hadn't seen him do it yet.  Eventually I blocked off the stairs from the bottom.   
Yeah, I'm cute and I know it! 
Awwwww Poppy, I love you! 
At the end of the day I was running out of things to entertain Joshua with.  My husband had left to play golf so there went that entertainment!  I got out a pan and some spoons and taught him how to play the drums!!  He wasn't sure about it at first but then he went to town.  I've decided Joshua is going to be a drum playing baseball player when he grows up!!

We had a blast with the little boy and laughed just about the entire time he was here.  And I got a little work done in between nap times so things worked out just fine.

I have the class models done for July and August and will be posting pictures and trying to get the new schedule figured out by the end of the week.  Hope you all find a little time for some stitching!  I am also steadily working on my hexagons on two different projects.  Love, love, love the hexagons. 

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