Monday, June 18, 2012

Hope everyone had a good weekend and celebrated Father's Day with all those deserving Dads out there.  My husband and I had a Saturday off together which is very unusual considering both our schedules normally keep us working on Saturday.  So we took advantage of the day and headed off to Concord, NC to do a little antique shopping.  Once we left Concord we headed back to Asheboro and did some more shopping in their beautiful downtown area.  Well, lo and behold, there was a giant mosquito on the side of one of the buildings!!  Imagine!! 
This guy was huge!!! 
And outside one of the shops was a giant banana with a monkey.  Made my husband pose with the giant banana.  I started making him do goofy poses a few years back on his birthday.  And since it's almost his birthday, we got an early start. 
So then I decided he had to pose with the giant mosquito.  These pictures will be nice to add to his other photos from past years! 
And here's another cool thing in Asheboro.  On the side of another building there was this painted train that looked so lifelike.  The light was even lit on the train and those tracks were real tracks.  I just love going to small towns and seeing all the wonderful and unique things that make them so great!  Darn, I didn't make Mark go pose with the train.  That would have been a funny picutre.  I could have Mark laying down on the tracks and the train getting ready to run over him.  Don't worry, we'll go back there again in the future and guess who will be tied to the tracks??!!
And while we were driving from place to place, I worked on my hexagons in the car.  These are obviously for my red purse (or whatever else it might turn into!).  I forgot to put a pincushion in my little bin so in one of the shops I bought this little doll to use as a pincushion.  She was heavily hand painted and everytime I stuck a pin in her it left a hole.  I started feeling guilty for poking holes in her but I needed a pincushion!  So I turned her over and poked her in the back.  That way they didn't show so much when I looked at her!  Silly me!! 
Happy Father's Day to Paul.  Everyone looks on as he reads the book Joshua and I created for him.   
Joshua, Joshua and more Joshua!!  Awww......he's so cute! 
Speaking of Joshua, peek-a-boo!!  Look, he can curl his tongue.  I can't do that but my husband can.  Guess he inherited that somewhere in the family genes!  Weird!! 
Hubby got some new sunglasses.  What a picture.....sunglasses with tag and other glasses on top of head.  This one might go in the goofy pose book too!! 

I'm working on the new class schedule for July and August and will hopefully get that out today also.  Trying to be productive and make use of each minute of time since it seems to be going by so quickly!!!!! 

Happy stitching..................

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