Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall has arrived and Evette and I had a great time at Cameron.  The weather was just gorgeous, lots of vendors to peruse and lots of great finds.  I came home with a few treasures!
There are several churches in the small town of Cameron.  There's just something about a little white church that makes me very nostalgic. 
This was a cool booth in that this person was very focused on vintage tins and had a stunning display. 
Lots of mums............ 
A view at the bottom of the hill with lines of cars trying to get into town.  Glad we're almost done because it's getting very crowded now! 
Out of order pictures, but the girls in front of a very giant spider and lots of pumpkins.  Tis the season...... 
A beautiful 75 degree day here yesterday warranted a break from barn sale work and a trip to the playground!!! 

Time to quit, goofy faces coming out!!!! 
I thought this tin scarecrow was very cool.  Never did check for a price. 
Look at the big giant bed in the middle of this booth.  It was huge and very cool.  This is always one of our favorite booths to check out. 
And look, we ran into Jim and Pat while we were shopping.  Always nice to see them. 
Oh look what showed up in my room.  Santa's elves have been making little reindeer.  They are so sweet.  And there's more to go with the reindeer.  There's your sneak peek Sue!!

Have a great day and enjoy the wonderful fall weather. 

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