Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday evening here and it's raining.  A small thunderstorm just rolled through and with that storm comes some cooler temperatures and lower humidity.  Guess I'll have to do my happy dance!!  Tomorrow is Cameron Days which is always so much fun to attend but especially fun when the temperatures are cooler and a nip of fall is in the air.  If you've never been and you live close enough to go, the town is crammed full of antiques galore, some crafts, lots of vintage items, and great food.  It is just a good time for all!! 
I've been busy with classes but either forget to take pictures or wait too long to put them on the computer.  This was a fun class we had this week for embroidered and appliqued towels for the fall season.  I took a couple of designs from the latest Need'l Love book and embellished some towels.  The ladies had a great time. 
I love taking close-ups of people's hands as they work.  Pat is determined to get this towel completed and soon! 
So what have I been busy working on you ask.  Besides trying to get some things finished for the barn sale (Oct. 14-15), I was informed that the quilt club I belong to was meeting this Sunday and not next Sunday as I had thought.  I somehow got the wrong dates on my calendar.  So shame on me!!  So I had some homework to get done before Sunday's class.  How would it look for me to show up without my completed blocks, me being a teacher and all that!!!  So these blocks aren't all exactly easy for the non-quilting me.  This was actually my last block to be stitched waiting next to my sewing machine.  Here are bunches of little pieces...................  
Now sewn into rows.................. 
And ta-da, just like that....the finished block.   I think this one was called mosaic.  The quilt is a mystery quilt comprised of 84 blocks.  So far we've met twice so I now have a total of 8 blocks.  A long way to go............... 
This one is called Beacon Lights.  Not sure why.  And I probably didn't do my colors correctly to show the beacon lights.  Looks more like a baseball diamond to me.  Oh well............ 
This one is called Indian Trails I suppose because of the bear paw design and you would probably run into a bear if you were an Indian on trails in the woods.  That's my version anyway. 
And this one is called Indian Plume.  Wonder why?  hmmmm........thinking on that one.  Plumes of a feather.....doesn't look like a bird to me........hmmmmmm........I'll let you know if I figure that one out. 
And last but not least, baby Joshua in his car seat with his eyes open wide.  Love the warning sign next to his head.........WARNING, likely to cry........beware!!

Hope you all have a great week.  And if you're reading this and you don't have your homework done, get busy!!!  It only takes three days to get the blocks done so you're about out of time!!!

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