Saturday, October 29, 2011

Aren't these just the sweetest (literally) little acorns you've ever seen!!  Debbie Powell had her quilt club here yesterday and came in with an acorn plate full of these yummy little acorn treats.  How simple to make too! 
All you need are mini Nutter Butter cookies, Hershey kiss (I prefer dark chocolate, of course), chocolate chip pieces and a little chocolate frosting for your glue.  Put it all together and you too can have a plate of acorns to share over the holidays. 
My oldest son Paul celebrated his 33rd birthday this month.  Happy birthday to Paul! 
The girls came over one afternoon to make a Halloween cake.  They did some mixing (took turns!)....... 
and some tasting.......... 
and some more tasting (because their Daddy lets them do that they informed me after I told them it was dangerous because of the eggs and all that!)............... 
and some decorating................... 
and wa-lah.......a beautifully sprinkled Halloween cake!  They took the cake home to share with their Mommy and Daddy!!!
I got my Calendar Girls quilt back from a quilt shop in Florida only in time to send it to another shop in Georgia.  I haven't had this quilt in my possession for very long but did take a quick picture to share with those of you that are working on the Calendar Girl patterns.  It's nice sometimes to see something all put together.  Hope you're all moving along with your stitching. 
The girls had a run at their school on Friday.  It was a fundraiser for the school and depending on how many laps they ran, they got donations.  Raleigh ran 15 laps in 25 minutes.  Good job!
And little Joshua slept through the entire event!
Reagan ran 16 laps.  Another good job!!
The leaves are finally turning here.....beautiful shades of red, orange, yellow......
I do believe Fall is my most favorite time of the year. 
The winter Camelias are in full delicate and unexpected this time of year.

We're having cold, rainy weather here in the south............perfect time for a cup of hot tea and a little stitching time.....................enjoy your weekend.


  1. Thanks for the picture of your Calendar Girl Quilt!

  2. Just returned from Jacksonville, NC visiting daughter and family and I must say - the acorn candies were a BIG hit. Everyone thought Gramms was great to have come up with a surprise for the table. Thanks for sharing this little tip - BTW, I even found an acorn dish like yours. Is is definitely the little things that make us happy. I loved seeing all of your wonderful pictures. Judy C in NC

  3. Yummy dish you shared here, which is such a new for me and today my day started with soup and in lunch I took same cakes pieces. What a amazing way you designed cake!! Looks too delicious.
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