Thursday, October 20, 2011

A day at the farm..........

This post is just about the girls and time with Mina and Poppy.  Since I was so busy preparing for the barn sale, I felt I had neglected the girls.  So Poppy took the day off work and we grabbed the girls first thing this morning and headed to one of their favorite destinations in the fall.........Hillridge Farms in Youngsville, NC. 
The goats were waiting for a little food to be dropped their way.  They are so comical to watch.  A couple of them got into a fight over the food trough. 
Raleigh was buried up to her neck in corn kernels literally. 
Waiting on the train to take off.....two tired little girls. 
I love this red building located on the property.  I think I would like to have it in my backyard!! 
Little Ms. photogenic Raleigh 
These guys had a little attitude......they were just squawking away. 
Finally, the pumpkins........ 
Regan was trying to find the largest pumpkin and Raleigh wanted the smallest pumpkin.  On the way to the car Raleigh was crying and I didn't know why.  She said Reagan told her the pumpkin she picked out was too small to carve.  Reagan informed her that she needed to pick a larger pumpkin if she wanted to carve anything in it.  I was trying to tell her that she could do stars and moons or something fun like that and she cried louder.  I dropped the subject.  Oh the woes of a five year old!!

Hope you all enjoy the wonderful fall weather and go pick your own pumpkins to decorate................

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