Monday, December 20, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..............

I sure hope everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit and enjoying the sights and sounds of Christmas.  I've been playing Christmas music in my car since before Thanksgiving and love listening to some of the old classics.  I have a new van which has sirius radio in it and I've been listening to a 40's station.  Good old Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra songs......all Christmas.  Yesterday I heard the Lennon Sisters.  Now what other station in this day and age would play the Lennon Sisters!

Last week was a busy week finishing up some last minute shopping, lots of gift wrapping, even rearranging my workroom.  But most importantly, we found time for a trip to visit Santa and also see Raleigh's Christmas production at preschool.  We've had so much fun with the girls and look forward to seeing their faces on Christmas morning.

Reagan goes every year to visit Santa at The Rusty Bucket....she says it's tradition!  This year we had a hard time finding the right time to go since she's in school and Santa has a busy schedule.  I picked her up at school on Monday and we made a dash to visit Santa and luckily he was there.  She was so happy to see him and they had a nice visit.   
And Santa surprised Reagan with a Taylor Swift magazine full of posters.  He knows that's her favorite singer.  What a nice surprise!   
And look what's outside The Rusty Bucket store old fashioned coin-operated horse.  Reagan hopped right on.  Ride 'em cowgirl! 
On Thursday we had a little snow/ice store blow through.  I always think the trees are so beautiful when they're covered with ice.  Everything was cleared up by the next day. 

Raleigh was striking a few poses before she had to leave for her Christmas show.  Doesn't she look cute in her green velvet dress?!  Reagan wore that same dress when she was Raleigh's age. 

And once Raleigh left for her show, Reagan hopped in the spotlight! 
A room full of kings and angels, and a few wisemen! 
What sweet "little" angels..... 
The littlest angel...........look how angelic she looks! 
On stage looking over baby Jesus.  She said she was the most important angel that night.  At one point, as we're sitting in the audience watching the production, Raleigh started to lose her balance.  We were all just holding our breaths as she teetered back and forth.  Suddenly she reached out and touched the plant and got her balance back.  We all let out our breaths.  Just another exciting moment in the life of a four year old.

I hope everyone gets all their shopping, wrapping and baking done this week and enjoys each and every moment of the time.  Remember to take a breath........................and stitch a little!

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  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family!!
    (I love visiting the Rusty Bucket! Just recently found it!)