Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Monday to everyone.  Hope you all survived the busy weekend and had some time for relaxing and stitching and enjoying the beautiful Christmas lights.  Evette and I took a much needed day off on Friday and headed to visit our friend Jenny at Just Country in Raeford.  We love to go there and haven't been in quite awhile.  We both felt like we needed a little down time and what better way to spend it than together visiting Jenny!  We had a great time and of course, came home with some treasures.
Evette was seriously deliberating which tree to purchase.  I told her to buy several!  Then she wouldn't have to decide. 
Jenny's store looked great.  Lots of holiday decorations. 

Dee and Jenny 
Just a simple wooden wagon filled with greenery and a Merry Christmas sign.  Simple things can be so festive! 
Jenny walked out to the van with us.  We had loaded the car when I decided to show Jenny how the back seat worked in my new van.  It flips around to become a tailgating seat or stitching we had to unload everything so I could show her how it worked. 
Then we both hopped in for a little break.  Silly girls! 
So one of us went back in the store and bought a table top desk and we had to unload the van again to get the desk in.  Herb (Jenny's sweet husband) was most patient with us. 
Now, I think for the third time, we've got the van loaded.  Time to hit the road.  Thanks for a fun time Jenny! 
As we're driving up US1, Evette saw this nursery all lit up so we had to make a U-turn and go check it out.  This guy greeted us as we pulled in the driveway. 
This is where we were.  Love the Santa perched up there. 
Took a few pictures inside.  Just for fun. 

I bought the candy cane flag hanging there.  Only one they had left and I love candy canes.  I also love this snowman but he was a little pricey for me. 
How would you like to have this giant fella in your yard.  He was huge. 
And I really loved this Santa!  He's saying "Shhhhhhhhh.......I'll be there soon!"

Hope everyone has a great week and braves the cold temperatures and for those of you up north, all that snow.  Save a few minutes for some stitching!

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  1. Please send me the address so I can visit Jenny's. Thanks! Looks like a fun day trip!!